Two way web cam dating

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Two way web cam dating

"Nothing happened between us, we never dated and I would really appreciate it if all the Cameron Dallas fans would stop posting angry pictures of me," Chloe said."After that collab, I literally got so much hate from these Cameron Dallas fangirls, like you guys, I didn't do anything!As it turns out, they are simply just acquaintances and Cloe took to her own channel to set the record straight about how they ended up working together."Cameron and I are in the same You Tube network and our network was just looking for people to collab with.Our webcam girls want to be absolutely sure that they are chatting with users over the age of 18. The identity of Cameron Dallas' girlfriend and his love life, in general, is a hot topic his loyal fans need to know about.But he's a really chill guy and the videos turned out great.

From dinners to hanging out at parties and concerts together, appearing on each other's Instagram stories and fans even ran into the pair together, naturally everyone was shipping them.

These two did a pair You Tube collab videos that were all about dating and relationships, which naturally led to speculation of how these web stars know each other and if they were a couple.

They seemed to get along and well, anytime Cam is spotted with a girl who isn't his mom or sister, people speculate about their relationship.

"I've had one official girlfriend, that was my junior year.

Her name was Jasmine Gonzalez, went to Chino High School. The reason we broke up, we just kind of realized we were better off as friends," he explained.

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It's most likely because Cam's fans think he would make a great boyfriend and it's about time he has some love in his life!

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